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Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, October 12th at 7pm. Nerd Nite is free and all are welcome.

Before the presentations we will be hosting trivia and giving away a special prize. Make sure to arrive on time!


“The Cost of War: The Death of Fandoms & Writer’s Rooms” J.D. Casto

A critical analysis of the streaming model of TV/Movies where I will examine how Streamers have slowly killed Fandoms and traditional Writer’s Rooms and how this has all come to a head during the current WGA and SAG strikes. 

J.D. Casto is an Orlando-based photographer that specializes in capturing Queer Joy. First published at only 13, J.D.’s photography has been seen worldwide. With an award-winning film and photography career that spans nearly two decades, there’s not much that J.D. hasn’t done. As a multi-passionate creative, J.D. has most recently worked in the video game industry, helping produce the NBA, WWE, and PGA video games at 2K Go. In his off time, J.D. writes for the Watermark Magazine, photographs concerts for Orlando Weekly, and mentors the next generation of Central Florida writers, filmmakers, and photographers.


“An Insiders Guide to Responsible Giving” by Julie Holt

Giving season is just around the corner and soon every nonprofit will be asking for some sort of donation. You want to give but the question you are now presented with is how to make sure your hard earned dollars does the most good. Good thing for you is that transparency is a main pillar of any good nonprofit management. Hear an insider’s guide how you can evaluate your favorite nonprofits just like a professional to make sure your dollar does the most amount of good!

Julie Holt is certified to change the world! Her two passions in life are social good and storytelling with data. She has a BS in Nonprofit Management from the University of South Carolina Upstate and an MBA from Crummer School of Business. She is a Certified Nonprofit Professional having served on multiple boards nationally and in the Central Florida area. Currently she is the Vice President of Florida Destination Imagination, a STEAM challenge based learning competition. Her day job includes playing data at Disney Publishing. When she’s not out and about volunteering, you can find her either at any of the theme parks or at the library!

VPN and Data Security

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Data security is an important aspect of modern life, but it’s often ignored. No matter if it’s your private bank account or your company’s marketing database, data breaches could expose personal information of employees and customers to cybercriminals, compromising privacy and leading to financial loss.

A VPN is a solution that helps safeguard your personal information and business information. By encrypting your online activity it makes it impossible for anyone else to access your data or metadata. This is done by squeezing it into an unreadable code-like mess, and only your device and VPN server contain a key to decode it back into readable form.

If you have ever logged in to your bank account in a hotel or purchased an item from your favorite website using public Wi-Fi it is likely that your sensitive information was exposed to cybercriminals. This is because VPNs protect your data from hackers. VPN protects your browsing history and private information from hackers through the creation of an encrypted tunnel for your data to traverse.

All data sent over the internet is divided into packets that contain different kinds of information, like your IP address and which site you’re on. When you connect to a VPN your private data packets are wrapped in a layer of encryption which is virtually inaccessible to hackers. In addition to encrypting data, the VPN also hides your IP address publicly to deter identity hackers from linking your search and browsing behavior to your real-world name and location.

Best Torrenting Sites For Music

If you’re looking for a reliable music streaming site, pick one that has an easy-to-use interface and frequent updates, and an excellent leecher/seeder ratio. This will allow you to download music quickly and without annoying pop-up advertisements. Additionally, you’ll need ensure that the site is safe and secure to use.

1337x is a well-known torrenting website which regularly ranks among the top music sites. It is an excellent source of music that is not affixed to copyright. It does have a fair amount of advertisements, so you may want to use an ad-blocker.

LimeTorrents, a different popular torrenting website, has a wide variety of music. Music torrents can be sorted by size and uploaded date to help users locate the right one. It also has less advertisements than some of its competitors, but you may run into some look at here x-rated content.

RARBG is another dependable music torrenting site that offers an easy-to-use interface and decent download speeds. Its diverse collection of content includes TV shows, games, apps, and research papers, but it also has an entire music section that allows easy access to your favourite songs.

Torlock is another torrenting site which only hosts verified music torrents. It’s a global platform, known for its large library of music and active community. ISPs frequently remove the torrents on the platform, but you can access it with the aid of a VPN.

How to Avoid Hacking Viruses

Hacking viruses are computer programs that can steal personal information and remotely control a system. They often spread through emails and peer-to-peer networks as well as websites with content that is downloaded. You can avoid an attack from hackers by updating your software, avoiding downloading from unreliable sources, and staying away vulnerable networks.

Hacking viruses are used by cybercriminals to attack their victims for a variety of reasons. They may want to infect computers with keystroke loggers that keep track of every word a device’s user types, giving the perpetrator all the information they need to steal their identity and gain access to bank accounts, credit card numbers and other valuable data. They can also use a compromised device as part of a botnet network that can be used for spam emails or to launch attacks on other devices.

A virus could also be programmed to take over the function of a device, by changing its default homepage redirecting search queries to an undesired web site or reversing the results generated by popular search engines. This kind of hacking can be described as a backdoor.

Hackers who were fascinated by finding low-tech methods of bypassing secure telecommunications systems and costly long distance calls were called phreaks. Phreak is a combination of the words phone and freak. Today most victims of hacking viruses have nothing to relate to telecommunications, or an obsession with tinkering with technology. They are the unfortunate victims of hackers who exploit weaknesses in security systems built into them to steal sensitive information about individuals, disrupt their own and other users’ computer use and inflict financial damage on the people they are targeting.

How to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser Avast Secure Browser, a no-cost Windows application, gives users a fast, safe and user-friendly internet browsing experience. It can also help you keep your personal data private by minimizing the amount of data that is stored on your device. This app lets you sync your bookmarks and browsing history between mobile and desktop devices. Its features include antitracking extension guard, adblocking and privacy cleanser, and bank mode. It makes use of HTTPS protocol to ensure that your information is encrypted and secure.

In a couple of easy steps, you can delete Avast Safe Browser from your computer. Go to the Apps and Features section in the Windows Settings application. Then, select the browser and click Uninstall. You will be asked to confirm the uninstallation and may be prompted to explain the reason for removing the program.

The second method for uninstalling Avast Secure Browser is to use the CCleaner software application. The program will scan your PC for old files and delete them. It will also perform a standard uninstall process and remove any remaining files, including registry entries, from your system. When the process is finished, the program will notify you that it’s deleted the program and ask you to perform an investigation.

If you don’t want run a utility to delete it, you can remove the browser using Finder. The application is located in the Applications folder. To get it, open Finder and then select Avast Secure Browser from the list. After that, right-click the application and select Move to Trash.

uninstall mcafee safe

AVG VPN Netflix Review

AVG vpn has a good selection of features for a low cost. It does not keep records of its activities however it does use the OpenVPN protocol to secure users. It is able to unblock Netflix US, BBC iPlayer and Hulu. It also provides about eight P2P servers for torrenting. Its software is simple to use and has a clutter-free interface. You can set the program to automatically connect to your VPN when you connect to a wi-fi connection, or manually select which networks to connect to. To do this, simply open the Network Security menu within the app and select the Edit Networks button. You can choose which wi-fi networks the VPN should connect to and disable or enable automatic connection during the beginning of the process.

AVG Secure VPN is not the best choice on the market due to serious shortcomings. The server network it has is tiny. In our tests, we were able to stream Netflix on four of five of its specialized streaming servers. In addition, a few of its servers were blocked by Netflix for reasons that are not clear.

Another issue is that AVG Secure VPN doesn’t offer monthly pricing plans. It only offers annual subscriptions. This makes it more expensive than its competitors, which have cheaper monthly subscriptions. In addition, its customer service channels are limited and not very helpful. We recommend that you look at other options, such as Surfshark ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Best Virus Protection For Mac

Many Mac aficionados believe that their devices are more secure than PCs, and they’re certainly right that Apple devices can be more resistant to cyberattacks. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a reliable antivirus program.

It is important to safeguard your computer from malware, particularly in the wake of recent attacks such as WannaCry or Petya that have affected large institutions like the NHS and spread throughout the internet. Intego’s Mac antivirus software provides 24/7 protection and is specifically designed to the platform. It features a powerful scanner that can detect and neutralize traditional viruses, worms spyware and adware, as well as cross-platform threats.

The software is easy to use, and can run an instant scan or a full scan of the hard drive. It can also search external drives and USB flash drives. It is possible to schedule automated scans. Drag-and-drop files and folders for forensic examination.

Avira Antivirus Security Pro uses a hybrid approach that includes local antivirus scanning and cloud-based analysis online for additional layers of protection. The software keeps a close eye on browser script hacks and other ransomware-related threats and other remote attacks. It’s a decent suite, but lacks some high-end features such as a password manager and firewall. It’s a good option for those who are looking for robust protection at an affordable price.

AVG Antivirus Review

AVG antivirus features a contemporary, simple interface that is easy to use. When it is launched, it displays an overview of your device’s protection status. It displays clear messages that provide information on whether the software’s virus definitions are up-to date and if the security software is active. AVG also checks for malware and other threats to storage devices, and also performs a performance tuneup to help speed up the system by deleting junk data and extending battery life.

Premium plans from AVG include more robust features to provide more security. For example, the paid plan includes anti-ransomware to keep your files and data protected from hackers who can extort money by hijacking your device. AVG Ultimate also includes web and email security to protect against spam and phishing. A file shredder can be found along with safer banking and webcam protection.

AVG users can take advantage of a variety of free features, such as an image vault that can store images in an encoded format, and a cleaner that optimizes Android devices by removing junk files. Many of the other features of AVG are available only to paid subscribers. This includes an identity-protection function that tracks password leaks and the capability to remotely locate lost phones, as well more advanced security tools, such as a camera trap which secretly takes a picture of anyone who tries to steal the device.

AVG’s malware protection is backed by a solid track record in AV check my reference Test’s monthly tests. This includes a perfect score on the most recent test, which was conducted in March and April of this year.

What is a Data Sharing Tool?

Data sharing tool is an application that lets you share the same set of data between multiple applications and users. This can help boost productivity and improve decision-making throughout your company. It also helps to foster innovation and eliminate silos between departments.

Data-sharing software usually provides the same source of truth for data from diverse sources, such as enterprise systems as well as IoT devices that provide signals as diverse as website visitor behavior or power plant sensors. Data-sharing tools enable you to securely, logically and accurately share live data with internal business units and external business partners in order to lower costs and deliver improved customer experiences.

The biggest issue in sharing data is the ever-growing amount of data. Transferring data from one blackbox to the next is a huge resource for internal data sharing. Maintaining data quality and best practices for data management has been a second problem.

The best software for sharing data should allow you to move data between different locations in a scalable, efficient method without the need for ETL operations. It should also support a range of formats for exporting data and offer a wealth of metadata that help users understand the meaning and context of every dataset. It should also employ a secure, encrypted protocol for data transmission as well as persistent identifiers so that you are able to quickly find and retrieve data over time. It should also allow you to monitor the data being transferred on a continuous basis and manage permissions, if needed.

Best Free VPNs to Watch Netflix

While Netflix offers a wide variety of shows and movies to pick from but not all are available in all regions. This is due to copyright restrictions. You can get around this issue by using a VPN service to change your IP. VPNs protect your online activity and redirect it to a different server. They also offer additional security features, such as leak protection and perfect forward secrecy. You should be aware, however, that not all VPNs provide free service. Some might slow your connection, or give priority to paid users.

ExpressVPN is the most reliable VPN for Netflix. It has a massive network of servers spread across 90 countries. The service is compatible with the majority of devices and can be used on up to 5 devices at once. The company provides a 30-day refund guarantee and 24/7 active support.

Another option is NordVPN. It has a huge library of Netflix titles, as well as dedicated streaming servers to increase speeds. It gives a trial for free, great prices and works with nearly all devices. Its exclusive NordLynx Protocol is quick and works well on Netflix.

HideMe is a dual service that offers both an anonymizer and a VPN. It is simple to use and does not require registration or personal data. It’s an excellent choice for people with limited data allowances because it will keep you from going over your limit while watching Netflix.