How to Fix Avast Constantly Using Disk

If your PC is experiencing the avast program that is constantly using disks you must be aware that it can slow down performance. This is because the service makes use of the CPU and disk on a regular basis to scan and safeguard your PC from malware and viruses. Fortunately, there are a few things you could do to fix this problem. Checking for viruses, resetting virtual memory and re-booting are some of the solutions. You could also try disabling background scanning as well as changing the frequency of the scans. If you continue to experience the avast service’s high CPU usage You can try other troubleshooting techniques such as fixing the program, re-updating the virus definition database or manually restarting your computer.

If you haven’t been able to update Avast for several months, the version may be outdated and cause the issue. You can fix this issue by opening the Control Panel app or Settings and selecting View as category or Uninstall a program in the Apps or Programs section. Find Avast and click Uninstall and follow the steps on the wizard to finish the process.

Avast is a computer security company that performs many tasks such as background scanning, strain removal, and clean-up which consume lots of CPU and can slow down your personal computer. Avast’s free cleaner tool can help you improve the performance of your computer by removing any deleted files and uninstalling unnecessary software or reducing the size of your storage space.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a great tool to to create an automatic system backup or back up important files. This program will help you back up files & folders, Windows system, disks and partitions in order to avoid data loss or system breakdown caused by any viruses.

How to Find Out If Wife is on Dating Sites While You Are Already Married

Your spouse may have been flirting with someone else or is using dating apps for fun, cheating is not an ideal thing for any couple who is married. It’s an inefficient use of time and money and can cause damage to your marriage. Worse is discovering that your spouse has been using dating websites even though you’re already married.

Infidelity is a major issue in many relationships. This is especially true with the rise of apps and online dating. These dating websites and apps permit people to flirt, engage in sexual relationships and engage in affairs without their spouses noticing. This can lead couples to be distrustful and jealous of each other. These doubts may not be enough to end the marriage however it’s something to think about.

You can find out if your partner is using dating websites by looking up their browsing history. In the past, you could rely on love letters lost in an old book. But today browsing history on shared devices can tell whether your spouse is looking for love elsewhere.

You might want to consider hiring a private investigator to complete the task for your if you’re not a fan of the idea of snooping through your partner’s email, and you do not want to be found with a red-handed swoop. These professionals will do a deep scan of your partner’s phone or computer and will be able locate all the evidence you need. They will not hack into your spouse’s devices, and they won’t divulge sensitive data unless asked to.

Advantages of a Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room is essential for any project that requires documents, particularly ones that require collaboration between multiple stakeholders. It can be the difference between success and failure. Digital rooms are a powerful tool for companies. They provide a range of features that make it easier to streamline and speed up document sharing and management of projects.

Virtual data rooms cut down on the costs of indexing and photocopying documents as well as travel expenses that are incurred during physical file-sharing sessions. They allow companies to reach bidders all around the world and assist them in closing a deal quicker.

A VDR is more user-friendly than email or messaging. Users can access all of the necessary information with just one click, and there’s no need to rifle through Slack or emails to find the appropriate file. Modern VDRs also come with features like full-text search, auto-indexing, and redaction that further streamline tasks and boost efficiency.

VDRs can also ensure that sensitive information isn’t leaking, even if an error by a human occurs. They allow administrators to decide who can access what documents and for how they are viewed for how long. They are equipped with customizable watermarks to prevent unauthorized users from copying documents.

While many companies use virtual data rooms in M&A due diligence They can be beneficial in any project that involves the sharing of sensitive information. It is crucial to choose a provider that offers robust features and is able to adapt to the needs of your business.

Nerd Nite Orlando: Season 10 Finale

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on 7pm, Thurs, May 11th for the finale of our 10th season.

Sponsored by Sampaguita Ice Cream

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Guest speakers: Hugo Castellanos, Jim Hobart, & Jonathan Pamplin


“ADHD AMA: My Journey as a Newly Diagnosed Adult” by Jonathan Pamplin

After a lifetime of struggles with time management and focus, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD – at the age of 32! This left me with a ton of questions: What really is ADHD? Does it look different in children than adults? How do ADHD medications work? In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, join me on my in-progress journey to understand what makes the ADHD brain tick.

Jonathan Pamplin has variously worked as an assembly worker, writing consultant, freelance editor, roadside sign spinner, blueprint evaluator, substitute teacher, paranormal tour guide, and a special ed teacher’s aide. Unsurprisingly, he has ADHD. 


“Lights, Camera, Family: A Guide to Crafting Your Own Family Documentary, and Why It’s Essential” by Jim Hobart

This talk will focus on the technical considerations and sentimental value of creating a personal documentary of your loved ones, crafting your own treasured and irreplaceable keepsake that can be cherished for generations. Jim Hobart, the founder of Legacy Life Project, will share his passion for this meaningful undertaking and guide you through the professional process he uses to develop high-quality biographies. You’ll also learn about the importance of selecting the right interviewer to capture your loved ones’ unique stories and experiences, so you can get started on your own video documentary today.

Jim Hobart is a creative Orlando business owner with a passion for videography, stories, and a deep love for dogs. Jim came to realize the profound value of his own recordings of his loved ones after losing his father, and decided to focus his talent and experience on creating high-quality biographical documentaries through the Legacy Life Project. These video heirlooms capture the unique narratives and legacies of the everyday people who mean the world to us, preserving family histories for generations to come.


“Stamped and Approved: The history of passports and visas” by Hugo Castellanos

Hugo is a Venezuelan-American engineer, podcaster and professional speaker that combines his engineering background and storytelling skills to educate, entertain and ultimately inform audiences in a wide variety of career development topics.

Hugo’s career trajectory includes cofounding an EdTech Startup, and serving as a Competitive Intelligence Manager for companies like Intel and LinkedIn. 

Nerd Nite Orlando: Yuri’s Night 2023

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, April 13th to celebrate Yuri’s Night 2023.

UCF Space Scientists Drs. Josh Colwell, Addie Dove, Jim Cooney, and Audrey Martin (the Astroquarks!) will record and live-stream the fun astronomy podcast “Walkabout the Galaxy” at Nerd Nite. Their main topic will be “Back to the Moon with Robots and More”, taking a look at the set of robotic missions underway and in development to help us solve the Moon’s remaining mysteries and get ready for the return of humans to the lunar surface. The astroquarks will also cover the latest news in space science and exploration and take questions from the audience.

[More details coming soon]

Nerd Nite Day 2023: Nerd Nite Orlando Celebrates 10 Years

Join Nerd Nite Orlando on March 14th, 7pm at Mead Botanical Garden** to celebrate 10 years of “the most fun public speaking event in town” with presentations, trivia, the dry t-shirt contest, and a special recap of the last decade of nerdy fellowship.

Doors at 6:30pm
Event start at 7pm

Event is FREE to attend

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Guest speakers: Derek Demeter, Max Jackson, & Josh Manning

Food + Beverage:
Romay Ethiopian Kitchen
The Tap Room at Dubsdread

Contributing Sponsors
Sampaguita Ice Cream
Winter Park Pie Company

**The event will take place inside at the Azalea Lodge (formerly known as The Clubhouse)

Sponsorships available, contact

“Finding F*cking Fossils in Florida” by Derek Demeter

Description: While Derek has given many space talks over the years at Nerd Nite, he is also an avid SCUBA diver and enjoys battling alligators and sharks in Florida’s waterways in search for prehistoric fossil remains. Derek will take us on a 45 million year old adventure through time and space, showcasing some of his many fossils finds. After the program, you’ll have a chance to come up and check out the fossils yourself. 

Bio: Derek began working at the Emil Buehler Planetarium at Seminole State College of Florida in 2003. In 2007, Mr. Demeter became the Planetarium Director and immediately began the process of writing and producing shows for the Planetarium. Since then, his passion for teaching people about the wonders of the universe has earned him many accolades and worldwide recognition. Derek recently served as president of the Southeastern Planetarium Association and currently serves as the Executive Secretary of the International Planetarium Society. Outside of his role as planetarium director, Derek loves to share his passion for geology and paleontology. Derek has been featured in the news about several discoveries he and his friends have found in the rivers of Florida. 

“Being a Nerd in the Age of AI” by Max Jackson

Max is a data scientist by day and an actor and improvisor by night – his lifelong passion of making people laugh and clap when he talks has taken him every stage he could stand on, from TED talka to improv comedy shows and from New York to Miami to Seattle and back. He is a proud founding member of two improv troupes, Uncle Richard’s Niblings and Malice Improv.

Nerd Nite Orlando s10e05

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, February 9th

Guest speakers: Ian Cole, Eliza Juliano, & Shaun Marshall

“Making Friends In Orlando” by Ian Cole 

Ian’s nerdy friends make fighting robots, costumes for wheelchairs, giant cosplays, tiny electric race cars, and much more. Hear their stories and learn how you can choose your own adventure to make new friends in Orlando while making the world a little better along the way!

Ian Cole is an avid learner who has spent his career working at the intersection of technology, marketing and leadership in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. In his role as the Chief Innovation Officer for Give Kids The World (GKTW) in Central Florida, Ian is responsible for the creation and execution of initiatives designed to deliver unforgettable experiences for critically-ill children and their families. This includes major capital and construction projects around the 89-acre campus and technology functions including end-user computing, software applications, security, and entertainment / show technology.
As part of his community service, Ian has also founded and led several non-profits related to STEM / STEAM education including The Maker Effect Foundation (Orlando, FL), where he currently serves on the board and as part of the production team for Maker Faire Orlando and the leadership committee of MakerFX Makerspace (Orlando, FL). He was recognized for his role in Maker community leadership by the White House in 2016. Ian received his Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Florida State University, and his Master of Business Administration from Crummer School of Business at Rollins College.

“The Secret Lives of Cities: How Theory, Culture, and Accident Shape the Places Where We Live, Work, and Play” by Eliza Harris Juliano

Eliza Harris Juliano is an urban planner and advocate for better cities. She serves on the board of Bike/Walk Central Florida, is a former board member with the Congress for New Urbanism, and provides professional planning services at Kimley-Horn. You can find her on twitter at @myurbangen. 

“Buhurt: Don’t Get Hurt, Medieval Armored Combat as a Sport” by Shaun Marshall

Nerd Nite Orlando s10e04

Nerd Nite returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Jan. 12th @ 7pm.

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, Jan 12th

Guest speakers: Waldo Grunenwald, Max Jackson

TALK #1: “What a Shell Dotfile Can Do For You!” by Waldo

In the DevOps world, much is made of automation and reducing friction. Despite this, few engineers take the fullest advantage of the closest point of friction: the humble terminal. For decades, terminals have been among the most powerful tools in most engineers’ arsenals, and are well-automated. It’s certainly not hard to improve your daily life, but few people know about or explore the world of dotfiles.

In this talk, we’ll show some ways that you can improve your daily life by reducing friction, saving time, being lazier, catching mistakes, and amusing yourself.

Waldo is a Tech Evangelist for Datadog, which means that he gets to travel and meet people, and advocate on their behalf. He is a recovering SRE and Operations Engineer, has been active in the DevOps community for quite some time, and is keen on helping organizations stop hurting themselves. Despite being a raging introvert, he enjoys public speaking. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting hobbies that he doesn’t have the time to engage in. He hates writing about himself in the third person, and aspires to one day be a better bio writer.

TALK #2: “On Not Being a Thing: The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre” by Max Jackson

Max is a data scientist by day and an actor and improvisor by night – his lifelong passion of making people laugh and clap when he talks has taken him every stage he could stand on, from TED talka to improv comedy shows and from New York to Miami to Seattle and back. He is a proud founding member of two improv troupes, Uncle Richard’s Niblings and Malice Improv.

A Very Nerdy Christmas

It’s been a spectacular year. Nerd Nite returned, Artemis 1 finally launched, and (fingers crossed) we might even get some of our student loans forgiven. There’s a lot to be thankful for so let’s celebrate!

We’ve got drinks, we’ve got food, we’ve got games, and we’ve got music. All we need is to bring together remarkable people like you. 

Join us for A Very Nerdy Christmas party on December 16th.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

Email if you have any questions.

Nerd Nite Orlando s10e03

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, Oct 13th. 

Guest speakers:
Anna Eskamani
Marie Mercado