Join us Thurs, Jan. 11th for a special edition of Nerd Nite…. 
SPACE NITE 2024** 

Presentations will be themed completely around astronomy and we will have a telescope on site for some stargazing. 

Sharife Gacel 
Sean Greeney
Derek Demeter

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Thursday, January 11, 7-9pm (Doors at 6:30p)
816 West Church Street,
Orlando, FL 32805

PARKING: There is a lot directly in front of the building.

Sharife Gacel, MS, LMHC, LPC, QS is an Analog Astronaut, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for sharing space with others. She served as the Medical Officer at the HI-SEAS habitat in Hawaii as part of the “Lokahi” mission and her ongoing research is, “The Impact of Crew Isolation and Lunar Simulation on Human Behavior.” You can learn more about Sharife and her work on her website,

Sean Greeney is from MN, helped establish the cooling rate of the Sun. Sean works with meteorites and is an astrogeologist. He also used to play hockey. I

Derek Demeter is the director of the Emil Buehler Planetarium at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. Derek also enjoys promoting science beyond the planetarium with his work as an astrophotographer, which earned him pictures seen in NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website, Universe Today, Astronomy Magazine, and Sky and Telescope.