Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, December 14th at 7pm. Nerd Nite is free and all are welcome.

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Guest Speakers:

Adrienne H. Lee

Marissa Germain

JD Casto

PRESENTATION #1: “#ArtHistoryTrending: Foodie Pics & Dutch Baroque Still Life Paintings” by Adrienne H. Lee

Adrienne H. Lee, also known as The Wandering Art Historian, spends most of her time researching, studying, and talking to people about art.  She gives lectures, teaches classes, hosts book club discussions, runs a blog and a YouTube channel devoted to the celebration of art in all forms. Adrienne has lived in the Central Florida region for twenty years and works diligently to draw attention to the rich creative output of the area’s artists and art institutions.

PRESENTATION #2: “Tiny Victories: Why Little Decisions Matter” by Marissa Germain

After many adventures to help make the world a better place, Marissa Germain is always finding ways to have a positive impact on her community. The founder of the Feel Good Living Guide, she celebrates small businesses and nonprofits as they make their mark on their communities. 

PRESENTATION #3: “Sex Work is Work: Christian Nationalist’s Fight Against Porn” by JD Casto

J.D. Casto is an Orlando-based photographer that specializes in capturing Queer Joy. First published at only 13, J.D.’s photography has been seen worldwide. With an award-winning film and photography career that spans nearly two decades, there’s not much that J.D. hasn’t done. As a multi-passionate creative, J.D. has most recently worked in the video game industry, helping produce the NBA, WWE, and PGA video games at 2K Go. In his off time, J.D. writes for the Watermark Magazine, photographs concerts for Orlando Weekly, and mentors the next generation of Central Florida writers, filmmakers, and photographers.