Almost every week for the past couple of years I’ve gone to a day care center in the Parramore neighborhood.

I read stories to a group of young children between the ages 3-5. Last week it was brought to my attention that they are in dire need of new books. On Wednesday, September 26th, I will be going to the Orlando Public Library book store to purchase as many books as I can and then donating them to the day care– and I’m hoping you can help. Click here to donate.

Another way you can help is by donating any previously-owned age appropriate books, we are happy to take those as well. On Friday, September 21st, I will be collecting old books from anyone willing to donate. Yes, I am willing to come to you to get them!** Email me at with your location and we can set-up a time for me to pick up books from you on Friday.

People ask me all the time “how can I volunteer?” or “what can I do to help?” I promise you THIS is how. Nothing is more important than children having any and all the resources they need.

Click here to donate.

**For those who may live too far, please mail any old books to me at
Ricardo Williams
Nerd Nite
101 South Garland Ave, #108
Orlando, Florida 32801