Nerd Nite was first launched in Orlando at Stardust Video & Coffee on March 14, 2013. Nerd Nite Orlando is a monthly event featuring entertaining and educational presentations, hosted by Ricardo Williams. Speakers present for 15–20 minutes followed by a brief Q&A with the audience.

Join us on Friday, November 20th at 7pm for a SPECIAL VIRTUAL EVENT with special guest speakers: Emily Dovydaitis and Marie Mercado

PRESENTATION #1: “John Snow vs. Miasma: A Story of Cholera and the Broad St Pump” by Emily Dovydaitis

Emily Dovydaitis makes her virtual Nerd Nite debut from across the pond in Finland. (Forgive her if she yawns, there’s a time difference of 7 hours with Orlando.) A graduate of UCF, Emily is now pursuing her Master of Science in Geography at the University of Helsinki. A researcher in the Digital Geography Lab, she is using mobile phone data to better understand the integration of Estonians living in Finland. Speaking of mobile phones, here’s a fun fact she’d like to share with you: Finland is where Nokia was founded, and coincidentally, is home to the sport of “kännykänheitto” (aka “mobile phone throwing”).

PRESENTATION #2: “More Than Just Delicious: Understanding Ice Cream” by Marie Mercado

Marie Mercado is a professional ice cream lady– a creator & taste tester. Her career began modestly and unknowingly as a six year old child making ice cream for fun, and turned into full-time entrepreneurship in 2018 with the opening of The Greenery Creamery. As a graduate of NYU in Vocal Performance/Opera, Marie can occasionally be heard karaoking (read: yodeling) shamelessly at the ice cream shop by herself, loud and proud.