Nerd Nite was first launched in Orlando at Stardust Video & Coffee on March 14, 2013. Nerd Nite Orlando is a monthly event featuring entertaining and educational presentations, hosted by Ricardo Williams. Speakers present for 15–20 minutes followed by a brief Q&A with the audience.

Join us on Friday, October 23rd at 7pm for a SPECIAL VIRTUAL EVENT and check in with former Nerd Nite speakers: Eliza Harris Juliano, Thienthanh Trinh, and Representative Anna V. Eskamani.

PRESENTATION #1: “Math for a Better City” by Eliza Harris Juliano

Learn how math and science can help make decisions that are better for cities; and better understand how good (or bad) city planning affects your everyday life in sometimes counter-intuitive ways.

Eliza is the Director of Urbanism at Canin Associates, where she helps communities and developers build and rebuild neighborhoods where walking or biking to run an errand or go to school is a safe and pleasant experience.

PRESENTATION #2: “Wild Love: Strange Mating Strategies in the Animal Kingdom” by Thienthanh Trinh

Attracting mates can be incredibly difficult! Learn how animals across the animal kingdom lock it down. Sometimes it’s romantic. Sometimes it’s complicated. Sometimes it’s weird.

Thienthanh Trinh recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Masters in Biology. Her research was on the “zombie-ant fungus”, Ophiocordyceps, a fungal parasite that manipulates the behavior of its ant host. Lover of fun facts. Nature inspires both her science and her art. She hopes to use her creativity, love for science, and humor to communicate ideas in a fun, more engaging, and accessible way.

For the final presentation, Rep. Anna V. Eskamani will demystify the legislative process in Tallahassee and answer pressing questions about the upcoming election.

Representative Anna V. Eskamani is a UCF graduate, Anna worked at Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida for 7 years, and is now pursuing her PhD in Public Affairs. On November 6, 2018 Anna was elected to serve the great people of House District 47 in Orlando with a vote margin of 57% to 43%, flipping a legislative seat, and becoming the first Iranian-American elected to any public office in Florida.


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