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Nerd Nite Orlando Announces Production of Documentary Film


Nerd Nite Orlando recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary and announced production of a documentary film.

This documentary will explore the decentralized structure of Nerd Nite, its infectious spreading to new cities all around the world and how it has helped people gain confidence, discover their identity, and build meaningful relationships.

The modest budget will help to cover production costs; including equipment rentals, staff hires, travel, and festival submissions.

Production of the project will begin June 2018 with an expected completion by September 2018.

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Ricardo Talks New Apps And More on “Smarketing News” w/ Bess Auer

This morning, Ricardo was on the air at 91.5 FM WPRK for Bess Auer’s new show, “Smarketing News” to talk about cool new apps, Central Florida parks, infrastructure, Juice Bike Share, the origins of Nerd Nite, why the event is so important, and so much more.

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Ida Eskamani Announced As New Co-Boss of Nerd Nite Orlando

For Immediate Release (September 15, 2017)

ORLANDO, FL — Activist and organizer Ida Eskamani is announced as the new Co-Boss of Nerd Nite Orlando.

Nerd Nite, a monthly event that features educational and entertaining presentations in a casual atmosphere, operates in over a hundred cities around the world, including Tokyo, Seattle, New York City, London, Fort Lauderdale, Des Moines and Austin.

Nerd Nite launched in Orlando on Thursday, March 14, 2013 by founding organizers Valerie Cepero, Josh Manning, and Ricardo Williams. 21764115_10212417867096623_283112847_o For the past two years, Williams has solely organized and hosted Nerd Nite Orlando. Eskamani, who nerds out about astronomy, music and nature, will work side by side with Williams to organize monthly events as well as special programming and share hosting duties on certain evenings.

The announcement was made on Thursday, September 14th at “Nerd Nite Orlando LV: Neural Networks, Autonomous Vehicles, & The Procrastination Paradox” where Eskamani took the stage at the end of the evening to emphasize big plans for 2018 including a Nerd Nite Prom and how they’re going to “triple everything in size and Nerd Nite this whole damn town!”


Ricardo Williams
Host, Nerd Nite Orlando

Ida Eskamani is a first generation Iranian-American and a native of Orlando, Florida. She earned dual degrees in Political Science and Sociology and has served on top political campaigns, advocacy organizations, and institutions including the Obama White House, Sen. Bill Nelson’s re-election campaign, and Equality Florida. Following the tragedy at Pulse, Ms. Eskamani launched the Pulse Victims Fund, raising $10 million dollars for Pulse families and survivors and played a key role in victim service and advocacy efforts following the tragedy, with a focus on intersectionality and empowerment. She has organized large-scale demonstrations in support of the black lives matter movement, LGBTQ+ equality, common sense gun safety measures, and in resistance to Trump’s travel ban. Ms. Eskamani earned her Masters in Public Administration from UCF in 2016, and currently serves as Chief of Staff to Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, as well as on the Board of Directors of Organize Florida, a community-based, nonprofit member organization of low and moderate income people dedicated to the principles of social, racial, and economic justice. She also serves on Equality Florida’s Greater Orlando Steering Committee.

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Ricardo Williams Talks About Nerd Nite on Channel 2 News [VIDEO]



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Photographs from the Nerd Nite Orlando 3-Year Anniversary

Nerd Nite Orlando’s 3 Year Anniversary held at The Abbey and presented in part by Downtown Arts District. Appetizers provided by Daya Restuarant with presentations by Max Jackson, Anjali Sareen, and Griffin Lunn. Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Photographs by John French














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September 2015 Will Feature 5 Separate Nerd Nite Events


So I took this screenshot last night from the Nerd Nite Facebook and I thought “holy shit- this is a busy month”- but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love hosting and organizing Nerd Nite and as long as people keep coming and keep loving it, I’ll continue to do it.

Tonight will be the first of five separate Nerd Nite events that I’ll be putting on in a span of just two weeks.

They are as follows:

Sept. 10th: Nerd Nite Orlando XXXI (at the Geek Easy)
Sept. 12-13th: Nerd Nite at Maker Faire (at the Orlando Museum of Art)
Sept. 19: Nerdy Speed Friend-ing (at the Geek Easy)
Sept. 22: Nerd Nite Orlando: Town Hall, v3 (at Catalyst)
Sept. 24: Nerd Nite Orlando: Movie & Trivia Nite, v2 (at the Geek Easy)

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Nerd Nite in Front Page Article for the Orlando Weekly


For the past 2 and a half years, Nerd Nite has received overwhelming love and support from the Central Florida community. Every single mention in the media, whether big or small is incredibly humbling and I am truly honored for our most recent inclusion in the Orlando Weekly, not just because it is an article that made the cover but primarily because it is on a list with so many top-notch events and programs that are building the social architecture of Central Florida. I am happy to say that I’ve worked with and/or participated with all of them.

-Ricardo Williams
Nerd Nite Orlando

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[Below] Links to the other meetups mentioned in the Orlando Weekly cover story.


the Dinner Party Project:

Orlando Tech Meetup:


The Hive, by IDEAS For Us:

Orlando Conductor Crawl:

Orlando Bike Tours:

PechaKucha Orlando:

“Town Hall” Fuels Debate and Discussion on the Future of Nerd Nite [PHOTOS]

My name is Ricardo Williams and for over the past 2 years, I have been organizing a little event called Nerd Nite here in Orlando, Florida. These days, I am in charge of every single aspect of the program, from all the backend work to hosting duties every month to plenty of specialty programming in-between. I absolutely love it. I tell people all the time that I’m glad to do all of it because “I’m Nerd Nite’s biggest fan”.

Being in the position that I’m in can very easily make Nerd Nite Orlando turn into “the Ricardo Williams Show” and that is exactly what I DON’T want. Nerd Nite was not created to serve the needs and desire of one, but many. So in an effort to create more work for myself, I started a new meetup within the Nerd Nite umbrella called “Town Hall”.

At Town Hall, nerds can hangout and have more of an intimate discussion; as well as present ideas, voice their opinions, and ask questions of the the Nerd Nite team.

I held the pilot event on Monday, June 29th at the Effin Amazing office and I am incredibly proud of the results. At the meetup, I announced upcoming programming from Nerd Nite, discussed other applications and programming via Nerd Nite, held an open discussion on what kind of topics should be presented at future Nerd Nites, and the evening finished off with the group voting on a Nerd Nite talk to watch from a different city. (Everyone in the group also submitted anonymous notecards about what they would like to enjoy at Nerd Nite in the future as well as what they do not like about Nerd Nite.)

The discussion (and debate) was incredibly useful feedback for me as an organizer because my goal is to make the best events possible and thanks to the support of so many of Orlando’s most passionate nerds I can continue to do that.


Nerd Nite will return on Thursday, July 9th at the Geek Easy with an all-female lineup of speakers. RSVP here:

Radio Interview on 91.5 FM WPRK with Orlando Nerd Bosses (11-10-14)

Josh Manning and Ricardo Williams stopped by the WPRK station to talk about the space-themed Nerd Nite event happening on Thursday, November 13, 2014.

Airing on 91.5 FM WPRK Winter Park, Florida(

Hosted by Sarah Peerani and Sarah Elbadri for “ReThinking the City”

Listen here:


Ricardo Williams discusses Nerd Nite Orlando [VIDEO]

In this short clip, Orlando Nerd Boss Ricardo Williams talks about what Nerd Nite means to him.

YouTube Preview Image
What is Nerd Nite???

Nerd Nite is an evening of entertaining and educational presentations. Speakers present for 15 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A with the audience.

Nerd Nite operates in over a hundred cities around the world and launched in Orlando on Thursday, March 14, 2013.

Nerd Nite Orlando was founded by Valerie Cepero, Josh Manning, and Ricardo Williams.

Nerd Nite Cities