Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, November 9th at 7pm. Nerd Nite is free and all are welcome.

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Guest speakers:

Ryan Moyer

Karolyn Campbell 

Steven Madow

PRESENTATION #1: “Harnessing Habits: Taking the Choice Out of Change” by Ryan Moyer

Ryan is passionate about all things human behavior. He earned his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Florida Atlantic University where his research in social psychology focused on self & identity, psychological distance, as well as superstition & magical thinking. After spending several years teaching psychology & statistics courses, Ryan transitioned into the analytics industry, using data to answer business questions in marketing & human resources for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He currently teaches psychology at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL where he regularly lectures on topics such as positive psychology, stress, motivation, habit formation, goal pursuit, creativity, and time management. Outside of academia, Ryan serves as a life coach, helping others feel more happy, connected, and effective in their everyday lives. He is also the host of Why Do We Do That?, a psychology podcast featuring interviews with experts in human behavior.

PRESENTATION #2: “Size Matters!” by Supervisor Karolyn C. Campbell

It seems like it’s human nature to compare. Mine’s bigger than yours. Oh wait, is yours bigger than mine? Though my mind is always in the gutter too, this time, I’m talking about limits. In this talk we will explore limits. My limits aren’t yours. You see, size does matter!

Supervisor Karolyn C. Campbell, Chair of Orange Soil and Water Conservation District, is the first blind elected official in Florida. She is a Sustainment Engineer working for the Navy. A passionate servant leader, she has an MBA, an MS in System Engineering, and loves learning. In addition to her federal and elected positions, she also works part-time at Walt Disney World and leads several boards and committees. Her focus is government legislation, science and engineering, and environmental education and protection. An immigrant, U.S. Citizen, and minority woman, she is a speaker, mentor, and champion for visible and invisible disabilities, rights for women, veterans, LGBTQ+A, and marginalized communities. She promotes accessibility, diversity, careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). With her activism and leadership, she is the National Federation of the Blind’s Member of the Year. She is a change agent, seeking creative solutions.

PRESENTATION #3: “It Never Hurts to Ask: How I Got To Put My Cameras in the Flame Trench of Launching Rockets” by Steven Madow

Steven Madow (@stevenmadow) is an Orlando-based photographer specializing in spaceflight photography with intense focus on bringing images from conception to lift-off. By blending the genres of fine art landscape with rocket launches, Steven offers a truly unique artistic perspective.