Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, September 14th, 7pm for the premiere event of season 11.

Nerd Nite is free and all are welcome.

“Why You Should Care About the Calories in Your Poop: Food, Gut Microbes, and Bioenergetics” by Karen Corbin

Dr. Karen Corbin is the Founder and Chief Geek of Geeks That Speak® and a clinical-translational scientist at the AdventHealth Translational Research Institute.

As a scientific storyteller, Dr. Corbin uses her skills to fill a fundamental gap for translating ideas into solutions: the inability of some scientists and other “geeks” to deliver information in a way that is impactful, relevant and inspires action. To achieve this, she created Geeks That Speak® with a mission to inspire and empower scientists to become powerful storytellers.

In her role as a scientist, her expertise is in human nutrition and metabolism. Her scientific career is devoted to understanding the mechanisms that drive metabolic diseases like fatty liver disease and obesity. One particular area of focus is understanding how to optimize the human gut microbiome to prevent and treat disease.

“More than a Feeling: The Neuroscience of Hanger” by Matt Luby

Matt Luby is a board member for the hackerspace FamiLAB in Longwood. His passions include neuroscience, distance running, and political activism.

“Putting Myself in Jeopardy!” By Ed Petersen

Ed Petersen is a lifelong Orlando resident and trivia enthusiast. He attributes his love for knowledge to his family, who early on reinforced the importance of learning via repeated trips to libraries, science centers, theaters, and museums here and around the world. In this, his fifth Nerd Nite talk, come learn how Ed achieved his long-running dream of getting on Jeopardy!