Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on 7pm, Thurs, May 11th for the finale of our 10th season.

Sponsored by Sampaguita Ice Cream

Hosted by Ricardo Williams

Guest speakers: Hugo Castellanos, Jim Hobart, & Jonathan Pamplin


“ADHD AMA: My Journey as a Newly Diagnosed Adult” by Jonathan Pamplin

After a lifetime of struggles with time management and focus, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD – at the age of 32! This left me with a ton of questions: What really is ADHD? Does it look different in children than adults? How do ADHD medications work? In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, join me on my in-progress journey to understand what makes the ADHD brain tick.

Jonathan Pamplin has variously worked as an assembly worker, writing consultant, freelance editor, roadside sign spinner, blueprint evaluator, substitute teacher, paranormal tour guide, and a special ed teacher’s aide. Unsurprisingly, he has ADHD. 


“Lights, Camera, Family: A Guide to Crafting Your Own Family Documentary, and Why It’s Essential” by Jim Hobart

This talk will focus on the technical considerations and sentimental value of creating a personal documentary of your loved ones, crafting your own treasured and irreplaceable keepsake that can be cherished for generations. Jim Hobart, the founder of Legacy Life Project, will share his passion for this meaningful undertaking and guide you through the professional process he uses to develop high-quality biographies. You’ll also learn about the importance of selecting the right interviewer to capture your loved ones’ unique stories and experiences, so you can get started on your own video documentary today.

Jim Hobart is a creative Orlando business owner with a passion for videography, stories, and a deep love for dogs. Jim came to realize the profound value of his own recordings of his loved ones after losing his father, and decided to focus his talent and experience on creating high-quality biographical documentaries through the Legacy Life Project. These video heirlooms capture the unique narratives and legacies of the everyday people who mean the world to us, preserving family histories for generations to come.


“Stamped and Approved: The history of passports and visas” by Hugo Castellanos

Hugo is a Venezuelan-American engineer, podcaster and professional speaker that combines his engineering background and storytelling skills to educate, entertain and ultimately inform audiences in a wide variety of career development topics.

Hugo’s career trajectory includes cofounding an EdTech Startup, and serving as a Competitive Intelligence Manager for companies like Intel and LinkedIn.