Nerd Nite returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Jan. 12th @ 7pm.

Nerd Nite Orlando returns to the legendary Stardust Video & Coffee on Thursday, Jan 12th

Guest speakers: Waldo Grunenwald, Max Jackson

TALK #1: “What a Shell Dotfile Can Do For You!” by Waldo

In the DevOps world, much is made of automation and reducing friction. Despite this, few engineers take the fullest advantage of the closest point of friction: the humble terminal. For decades, terminals have been among the most powerful tools in most engineers’ arsenals, and are well-automated. It’s certainly not hard to improve your daily life, but few people know about or explore the world of dotfiles.

In this talk, we’ll show some ways that you can improve your daily life by reducing friction, saving time, being lazier, catching mistakes, and amusing yourself.

Waldo is a Tech Evangelist for Datadog, which means that he gets to travel and meet people, and advocate on their behalf. He is a recovering SRE and Operations Engineer, has been active in the DevOps community for quite some time, and is keen on helping organizations stop hurting themselves. Despite being a raging introvert, he enjoys public speaking. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting hobbies that he doesn’t have the time to engage in. He hates writing about himself in the third person, and aspires to one day be a better bio writer.

TALK #2: “On Not Being a Thing: The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre” by Max Jackson

Max is a data scientist by day and an actor and improvisor by night – his lifelong passion of making people laugh and clap when he talks has taken him every stage he could stand on, from TED talka to improv comedy shows and from New York to Miami to Seattle and back. He is a proud founding member of two improv troupes, Uncle Richard’s Niblings and Malice Improv.