nerd nite may 2019

Join us on Thursday, May 9th as we return to Stardust Video & Coffee in Audubon Park for an evening of thinking and drinking.

Guest speakers include:
Jaylen Christie
Sharon Hammond

We’ll also be giving away some promotional swag from the upcoming movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and some advanced screening passes!

“Effective Crisis Communication Strategies…as related to Power Rangers!” by Jaylen Christie

As the Director of Public Relations at Moxe, a local marketing agency, Jaylen helps manage ongoing media relations while creating and distributing content, leading strategic communications planning, and overseeing the day-to-day execution of PR plans for clients and ongoing publicity initiatives that generate media coverage. Jaylen is a recipient of a William Randolph Hearst award for outstanding editorial writing and is a member of the Orlando chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, serving on its Board of Directors as Vice President of Communication, Orange County Library system and is a proud member of Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. Jaylen earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Florida A&M University and a graduate certificate in corporate communication from the University of Central Florida. He’s also a HUGE Power Rangers fan!

“Do U Even Meme, Tho?” by Sharon Hammond

Memes…bite-sized bits of entertainment, shared peer to peer and defined in part by their viral nature. As a medium of communication, we mostly dismiss them as funny, silly and relatively innocuous…BUT could they serve a more serious and nefarious purpose? We’ll see how the format has been successfully hijacked and weaponized by bad actors after our attention, wallets and votes.

Sharon is an information enthusiast, community organizer, occasional public speaker, food-system nut and all around lover of humanity. She is currently working with the non-profit The Society Library, on a mission to transform the way that we access, evaluate and utilize information for decision-making as a society.