> Beth Phillips talks “Robot Intimacy” at Future Is Here Fest [VIDEO]

Beth Phillips talks “Robot Intimacy” at Future Is Here Fest [VIDEO]

Every year, Nerd Nite cities from around the world gather in the nation’s capital for the Nerd Nite Global Fest, where a series of the best presentations from various cities are selected to present in conjunction with Smithsonian Magazine’s Future is Here Festival.

This year, Beth Phillips represented Nerd Nite Orlando and journeyed to Washington DC to give a presentation entitled “Robot Intimacy: The Inevitable Leap to Love and Sex With Robots”

Elizabeth “Beth” Phillips is a doctoral candidate in the Applied Experimental and Human Factors Psychology PhD program at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She is currently working on her dissertation in human-robot interaction, and her research focuses on enabling effective teamwork between humans and robots of the future. She has an interest in how robots and other technologies are changing the way we interact with the world and one another.

Watch the complete video of her presentation below.

Beth Phillips speaks at the Future is Here Festival, May 2015

Beth Phillips speaks at the Future is Here Festival, May 2015

Click here to watch the video of her presentation: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/future-is-here/future-is-here-festival-2015-beth-phillips/

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