Nerd Nite Orlando XXIII

Join us for our 23nd consecutive Nerd Nite in Orlando and the first of 2015.

Nerd Nite Orlando is an evening of entertaining yet thought-provoking talks across many disciplines – all while the audience drinks along in a casual bar atmosphere. Speakers present for 15-20 minutes each on a fascinating subject of their choice, often in an uncanny and unconventional way. Following each presentation is a brief Q&A with the audience.

Quench your curiosity! Come meet up, drink, and learn something new!



Thursday, January 8th

Talks 7:00 – 9:00pm

Stardust Video and Coffee, 1842 E. Winter Park Rd. Winter Park, FL 32803.

“DNA Nanotechnology: A Breakthrough For Us All” by Felix Sosa

Description: The talk is about the history, development, and possible future of the great breakthrough known as DNA nanotechnology. We’ll briefly go over the history and development, the exciting research being conducted here in Orlando, as well as by all others around the world. Then finish by discussing the astounding effects this new technology may have on our lives. Witness a revolution in medicine, computing, and more in our lifetime with this advent!

Biography: Felix is an undergraduate researcher at UCF working towards a Bachelor’s degree in both chemistry and computer science. He currently is a part of a large-scale research effort between the Chemistry Department, NanoScience Technology Center and Physics Department at UCF designing, simulating and synthesizing DNA architectures that have vast applications from medicines to computational machines. To be more straight-forward: he is a goof, a serious nerd and sometimes thinks he can sing. Felix loves the idea of making something that benefits us all and is a member of the maker community in Orlando helping others and myself accomplish just that.


“Trash to Treasure: Hoarding Demystified” by Heather Grove

Description: If you are a hoarder, have friends or family who hoard, or just know about it from the Discovery channel, you know it is a serious, life-threatening disease. With 1 in 30 Americans afflicted by the not so uncommon disorder, Heather hopes to shed some light on the science behind collecting shit.

Biography: Since a wee one, Heather has found value in what most might consider valueless. From rocks to wine cork collections, Heather has been an avid acquirer of things, but with an extreme hoarder in the family, she has fought the genetic proclivity to collect stuff by understanding the science and specifics of the disease…she hopes to help others transform their habits from hoarding to helping repurpose waste and keep it from landfills. By day, Heather turns wasteful lawns into food-growing gardens and she is co-creator of East End Market (where she helped incorporate reclaimed materials and salvaged doors from Henry Flagler’s historic railroad station).


“The Cosmetology Cosmologist” by Derek Demeter

Description: Join the cosmological hairstylist Kelvin Boson as he cuts the fabric of space time on a journey through the history of our universe, all while cutting some hair too.

Biography: Derek has been Planetarium Director at Seminole State College of Florida since 2007. He writes and produces new shows that explore the astronomy and history of numerous cultures from around the world. He serves as Vice President of the Central Florida Astronomical Society and sets up telescopes at local shopping centers to give the public a truly “out-of-this world” experience.


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