Nerd Nite Orlando Oktoberfest 2013

For Nerd Nite Orlando #8 we are going to ♫ zickezacke zickezacke hoi hoi hoi ♫ our way over to Orlando Brewing for Nerd Nite Orlando Oktoberfest! We will eat, drink, think, sing, and dance!

Come learn about different beer styles as well as Reinheitsgebot and other fascinating German customs.

$10 includes a beer tasting event and live accordion drinking music by John Kolbrich of the European folk music and polka band, Europa!



Thursday, October 10th, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Orlando Brewing, 1301 Atlanta Ave Orlando, FL 32806
Facebook Event <–be sure to RSVP!

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Crazy Ludwig’s Beloved Homeland” by Professor Anna Lohaus

Are you interested in the origins of Oktoberfest, the exploits of a crazy Bavarian King, or the picturesque palace that inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle? This talk is brimming with fun facts about all things German, including a brief look at German stereotypes in the U.S. After this evening, you will chuckle at the irony that Oktoberfest is really a misnomer, since it begins in September and actually ends in early October! Lets make this a night of stereotypes, come dressed in Lederhosen or Dirndl and absorb the alcohol and inticing trivia about Germany’s most renowned traits!

Anna Lohaus completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, in French Literature and Political Science. She finished her MA studies in 2009 at the University of Florida in German Literature. She taught for a year at the University of Pittsburgh and is now teaching at Rollins College. Her academic interests are centered around the 18th century. She is especially interested in the playwright and intellectual Friedrich Schiller, including the influence of his aesthetic theories, his social studies, his writings and most importantly his plays, that have long been canonized.


Zymurgy: The Nerdy Science of Brewing Beer” by Travis Smith

Do you like “Das Bier”? Would you like to know how this gift from the gods is created? This tippling talk will begin with the art of brewing and fermenting beer, from “sparging the wort” to flocculation and krausen. In addition, by learning how to differentiate various styles of brew, you’ll be on your way to becoming a virtual beer connoisseur. Come discover the difference between a Hefeweizen and a Marzen (Oktoberfest) and the importance of the Reinheitsgebot! Do not miss this amazing talk all about beer. Prost!

Travis Smith regularly teaches about brewing and fermenting beer. He is a founding member of the Orlando BrewCrafters, a group of home brewers and friends who meet to discuss home brewing, share tips and recipes (of all sorts) and – most importantly – to enjoy craft-brewed beers.